How I Work....

Before I start blending oils, I create a space of high vibration by clearing my room with incense, meditating, using my brass Tibetan bowl and activating the cho ku rei symbol in my palms. I'll put on music that feeds my soul and keeps me focused with intention for each blend I make.

Most of my recipes are given by spirit and some are researched based on the vibration of the plant.

Each oil is made using essential oils, absolutes, organic carrier oil, herbs, roots, flowers, botanicals and resins and I correspond the base carrier oil to the particular purpose of that oil. I take pride and care in every oil I make.

My suggestion before you use your oil is to roll the bottle in your palms to 'wake it up'. Speak to it. Put some oil in your palms and rub them together to create heat and energy, speak to it, blow into your palms, you are breathing life into it, then go about your working.





FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION OIL - Enemies, Psychic Vampires
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  • Looooove this oil!!! Smells gorgeous, looks gorgeous, arrived safely and packaged safely, with an added little gift. I was trying to find abre camino in herbal shops for weeks and eventually bought this oil as it’s a difficult one to find in brick and mortar shops, apparently. I’m very glad I ended up with it though, as it’s a wonderful addition to my practice. Thank you!


  • As Etsy store owners, we understand what it takes to make a great shop. 😀. You are hands-down, our go-to place when we are in need of some great, rare herbs and roots at fair prices. This shop gets our rating of A++++!!!💚

    -Braven + Danielin

  • My 2nd purchase of these adorable candle holders. They're gorgeous ❤️ and Rhonda always includes a little gift✨✨✨ Great customer service and reliable quality!

    - T.L

  • This “Shi Shi” oil is something special. Any spellwork I’ve ever did made the spell work quicker than it’d normally would. I wish I would’ve gotten this sooner

    - Tanaee

  • I have purchased from Rhonda before and I have yet to be disappointed! Her oils are beautifully crafted and I love them! I highly recommend!

    - Nikki

  • Always a wonderful experience buying from this shop! Top notch quality every single time. Thank so much for all you do Rhonda!

    - Shawndelle

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