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BLACK SALT - Witches Black Salt, Cleansing, Protection

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Choose 1, 2 or 4 oz fine grain, Black Salt

Black Salt can be used for banishing, cleansing, purification and protection. Salt purifies, repels and blocks negative energies.

Banishing negativity or harm
Curse and hex breaking
Candle magick
Grounding and cleansing
Dark or waning moon
Charging sacred objects
Protection from harm

Feminine Energy
Element: Earth

Sprinkle across doorways, in your car, under your bed and windowsills for protection. You can place some in a vial or locket of a necklace.

Sprinkle around the perimeter of your home to keep away negativity and harm.

Use in your bath water for purification before rituals and prayers or to remove unwanted energy attachments.

Since the salt draws in negativity make sure to get rid of it at least once a month. I like to gather it during the dark moon. Make sure to sweep it up and replace it with new salt.

If you feel you need to do it sooner, then do it! Always listen to your intuition. Make sure to get rid of the salt away from your home. You can put it into a fire, in a stream or creek or throw it into the wind while it's blowing away from you. I always add a crushed white sage leaf to the salt before getting rid of it. I want to bless and cleanse when it's returning to earth.


Sold in a closable polypropylene bag (PP - polypropylene bags are recycle number 5) Sold as curio. External use only. Results are never guaranteed

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Virgie A

'5 stars review from Virgie'

Lauretta R

Wonderful items in this order and I'm so grateful for your offerings. Thank you!

Kimberly T

-I'm very happy with my purchase. It is exactly what I ordered & arrived in a timely manner. Thank you very much, it is very much appreciated.

Kenneth M

Excellent for its purpose. Right price for right amount of a quality salt.

Melissa F

'5 stars review from Melissa'