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BOUNDARIES OIL - Set Rules, Coworkers, Protection

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A client requested an oil to use while at work, to set boundaries with coworkers.

At times we need to set boundaries when there are those that insist on overstepping to see how far they can go, it's time to put up an energetic force field, per se.

Create a healthy border around you, your work / personal space, create a fixed line, keep intruders out, set clear rules. Ideal for coworkers or acquaintances who think they have a right to invade and do what they want.


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

Customer Reviews

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Nightowl J

I love all my oils I've been using since day one!

Pamela W

Rhonda products do not disappoint with effective ingredients. When the boundaries are crossed, this oil stands strong.

Michelle G

'5 stars review from Michelle'

Carrie C

'5 stars review from Carrie'

Annabelle M

'5 stars review from Annabelle'