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MANIFEST OIL - Release Fear, Shift And Change

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Manifest oil is blended to draw in energies to clear negativity and self-doubt, to release fear and apathy and to shift and raise the vibration for mental focus so that you can draw in and attract your hearts desire.

This essential oil blend was created to work in harmony with the mind, body, spirit through the benefits of aromatherapy and the vibration / frequency that the plants and crystals resonate. Hold the bottle between your palms, state your intention, roll the bottle back and forth in your palms while focusing on your goal.

Help to manifest by making a vision board. Cut out photos, attach objects, draw pictures, write words that are uplifting and positive. Say affirmations. Shift your thinking. Visualize that you already have it. Close your eyes, what does it feel like and look like to already have what you want? Speak life into it and BELIEVE!

Work with citrine, tigers' eye, clear quartz, lodestone and pyrite crystals.

Candle colors you can use:

Orange - success and changes
Yellow - confidence and concentration
Green - growth, balance, new beginnings, prosperity
Blue - spiritual protection, inner peace
Purple - power, wisdom, ambition
Red - energy, passion, strength
White - cleansing, blessing, protection
Brown - stability, grounding, rebirth, financial success, balance
Pink - faith, self-love, forgiveness
Black - absorbs negativity, protection, reveals truths and secrets


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

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Excellent products, incredibly fast shipping, and nice seller.

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Excellent product, going to use it today

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Love this oil. Great packaging thx for the extra goodies. Ill be back.

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'5 stars review from Abbigail'

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I'm happy with my purchase