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PAPA LEGBA OIL - Crossroads, Loa, Orisha

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Papa Legba oil is made with tobacco absolute, coffee absolute, galangal root and clove essential oils (along with others) so it will be a bit cloudy and dark.

Papa's oil has all of his favorites and I believe it represents him perfectly! And yes, I put in a little something extra special in there too!

Papa is the gatekeeper to the spirit world, he holds the keys to the crossroads, the guardian of entrances, exits and pathways. He is the beginning and ending of life.

He can be a trickster and likes to play word games. He is a powerful messenger and communicator between life and death. He is noble and chaotic, creative and destructive.

All ceremonies must begin and end with a prayer to him, he brings second chances, opportunities and new beginnings.

Names: Elegua, Eleggua, Legba, Papa, Elewa

Colors: red and black

In the Catholic Religion he is equivalent to St Anthony of Padua, St Michael, San Miguel

Symbols and offerings: Cross, cane, keys, rum, yams, black coffee, tobacco, sweet candy, smoked chicken and bananas.

He's sometimes depicted as a child or as an old man walking with a cane or crutch with a sack flung over his shoulder.

Numbers: 3 and 21, any combination of 3's

Sacred Places: Crossroads and doorways. Dogs are sacred to him.


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

Customer Reviews

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Stacy H

Great as always!!! Will be buying again

Annabelle M

Love ordering from this seller. Awesome oils, always.

Fatima M

'5 stars review from Fatima'

David S

I look forward to using this Papa Legba oil. The fragrance is earthy with a touch of spice, it' s perfect! Thank you so much for the gift of the red candle. Blessings!

Wendy C

'5 stars review from Wendy'