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PEACEFUL HOME OIL - Clear Energy, Raise Vibration

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The Peaceful Home Oil blend uses some essential oils that have deep, darker colors so please be careful using around materials that could possibly stain. I haven't encountered staining but always do a test spot.

Clear out stagnant energy and bring in higher vibrations. Removes negative energy and leaves a calm, happy, peaceful feeling.

Can be used for new home blessings, did your house guests leave some unwanted energy? Turn arguments and tension in the family home back to a tranquil place of peace and clear communication. Your home is your castle, your refuge, a place for love, comfort and protection.

Peaceful Home oil can be used in a tealight oil warmer or to dress white, pink or blue candles or rub some over the front and back doors, or on your wrists. Dab a little in your palms and rub together then inhale.

I like to use white and light blue candles with amethyst and rose quartz clusters around my home to bring in peace, protection and love.


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

Customer Reviews

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April S

Matched the description. Very potent

Lauretta R

Wonderful items in this order and I'm so grateful for your offerings. Thank you!

Del R

I had to move suddenly and was able to message the seller about sending this to my new address, so I received my item at my new home. Although I haven't used it yet, I appreciate the extra gift that came with the oil; I can't wait to use the oil. It smells so good and looks like a quality product.

Bethany L

'5 stars review from Bethany'

Ferrin H

'5 stars review from Ferrin'