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SATURN OIL - Boundaries, Obstacles, Banishing

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Saturn, Roman god, father of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Saturnus god of agriculture, sewing seeds, farming, wealth, seasons, time

Also known as Angelo Saxon god Saetere, Greek god Chronos, father time.

Saturn, planet of hard work, responsibility, time, self-control, patience, stability, maturity, courage to face fears, knowing your limits, boundaries, death / aging. Saturn energy teaches us lessons, karma.

Saturday workings: banishing, protection, endings, restriction, limitation, manipulation, control, spirit communication, defensive magick, boundaries, destroying (rebuilding), court, binding, shadow work, the Underworld, overcoming obstacles and hardship, truth, black magick, separation

Day: Saturday

Number: 3

Color: Black, Purple, Maroon (dark colors)

Crystals: black gemstones, hematite, lead


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leanne M

'5 stars review from Leanne'

Philip T

I've always felt a wrestling with saturnine influences including time. I got this to engage and create more flow and powers with saturn and am already feeling that; especially in combination with Mastery oil.

Elise Y

Just started working with this oil. Smells good, fast shipping.