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SELENE OIL - Full Moon, Sex Magick, Dreams

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This oil is dedicated to Selene, Mother, Full Moon. 

I've made her blend with herbs and essential oils that energetically align with the moon. A few of the essential oils are sandalwood, rose absolute and lemon with jasmine, poppy and willow with a moonstone piece.

Selene, ancient Greek goddess of the moon. 

Moon goddesses in the triple moon are Artemis, maiden, waxing moon / Selene, mother, full moon / Hecate, crone, waning moon.

Her name means "light" and with that light she can reveal solutions to problems, seek the truth and lift the veil to mysteries. She favors witches, moon-gazers, magicians, sorcerers, mothers and women.

She can manifest as a cow with horns shaped as crescent moons or a beautiful woman with a jeweled headband and wings.

Workings: Feminine Cycles, Dream Work, Enchantment, Magick, Divination, Intuition, Nightmares, Sleep, Spells, Sex Magick, Lunar Workings, Manifesting, Power, Fertility, Travel, Longevity, Childbirth, Drawing Down The Moon

Day: Monday
Color: Silver, White
Stones: Selenite, Moonstone
Tree: Rowan
Animals: Horses, Bulls, Mules
Lovers: Pan, Zeus, Endymion
Brother: Helios, the sun
Parents: Hyperion and Theia
Also known as: Mene


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

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Absolutely love the scent. Thank you 🤍

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