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TALK TO ME OIL - Communication, Relationships, Clear The Air

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Talk To Me oil is used when you are trying to get another person to communicate with you.

When there is friction or you had a falling out and the other person has shut down and won't answer your calls, emails or texts, use Talk To Me oil. When you're trying to reach out but they won't respond, or if you're just wanting to break the ice and be the first to communicate.

You can use on poppets, candles, petitions, on objects that they touch, etc.

Here are some candle color suggestions:

Light Blue - Healing, Clear Communication, Understanding

Blue - Healing, Kindness, Opening Blocked Communication, Throat Chakra, Peace

Orange - Removes Blocks, Opens Up Opportunities

White - Peace, Truth, All Purpose

Use Talk To Me oil so you can talk it out, mend fences and get back together or resolve an issue. Communication is key in any relationship.

Mercury is the planet of communication.


You will receive one glass bottle made with essential oils, herbs and blended with carrier oil and labeled with information.


Do not use diluted oils in diffusers. Do not use essential oils on your body if you have health issues, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always do a skin patch test first. Do not take internally, external use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed. 

Store the oil away from heat, Keep away from children and pets.


Customer Reviews

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Lauretta R

Wonderful items in this order and I'm so grateful for your offerings. Thank you!

Andjela G

Received the order well packaged! Smells nice, will update once I use it!

Kellsi B

'5 stars review from Kellsi'

Jocelyn A

Repeat customer. Their product are good as always ♥️

Kelli T

I'm so excited to use this. Lovely, subtle scent.